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Suspiro Dress is a 100% silk Handpainted ballerina neckline gown with deep side slits .

It was handpainted in water by Sil in our Studio.

The combinations of colours we chose this beaurtifull cherry wine hand dyed. They we added annother  process of japanese tecnique aswell in black and grey colours.

 The touch sensation feels like walking over the clouds and its perfect for matching and overlayering.

-Painting doesnt wash out with water at all

-You can wash it in cold water with soak and it dryes very quickly

This silk is one of the  textures we like the most because of its extra lightness, highly resistant and soft. 

Suspiro Cherry Dress

  • Reminder:

    Each garment is really one-of-a-kind hand-painted and crafted with more than three printing processes.

    Find our drawing surprise details as soon as they arrive to your place.

  • Note:

    This silk is highly resistant and soft.

    Suitable for any occasion.

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